try to trace the tracks


student showcase

visualizing knowledge 2018
year: 2018

honorary mention

the phaistos project

45 symbols

year: 2018

format: a2

print: silk screen

year: 2017

information design:

prof. marion fink

academy of art

and design basel

«all roads lead to rome», just like my everyday bicycle track. the track begins

in the beautiful northern district of ‹st. johann› where i live, and ends in the south

of basel, ‹dreispitz›, where i studied visual communication at the academy of

art & design. each morning i had to choose one path, between three different routes through the city, to get to university. each way was, as such, equally exhausting, stressful, and annoying. there are many crossings, a lot of traffic, and potentially long waits at red traffic lights that can make the journey quite un-

appealing. this work illustrates how many crossings i must wait to turn or cross

the road. each symbol represents a crossing within a distance of a hundred meters:

the center point is myself on my bicycle and the bold line shows my route.

the symbols themselves are not sorted by any particular route so you can choose by yourself which way you want to go.